Vanderbilt School of Medicine

Vanderbilt School of Medicine

By: Kathleen LaPorte

Quick Facts:
6.13 % acceptance rate
37% of accepted enroll
2009--111 first year enrollments
MCAT: 11.6 (2010)
GPA: 3.8 (2010)
2012-2013 tuition: $42,750 / year
Total enrollment: 436
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Nashville, Tennessee has more to offer than country music. Vanderbilt School of Medicine located in Nashville is one of the nation’s top medical schools, ranking 14th in the country according to The US News & World Report. Nashville, about 250 miles north of Atlanta, is commonly known as Music City USA. Don’t let the big hats and cowboy boots deter you; Nashville is also known as the center for healthcare in Tennessee. There are seven hospitals on Vanderbilt’s medical school campus alone. The Vanderbilt School of Medicine, also referred to as VUMS, combines a variety of emphases including good communication skills and cultural understanding in addition to a medical education.

Vanderbilt seeks to educate a diverse group of individuals who are looking to become future leaders and scholars in medicine. With a 6.13 percent acceptance rate in 2009, Vanderbilt looks future students that meet their competitive standards. Prospective students are evaluated on: letters of recommendation, an undergraduate transcript, MCAT scores, completion of required core undergraduate classes, and a criminal background check. In addition to the required documents, Vanderbilt also conducts a second round interview as part of the application process. Those thinking about applying to Vanderbilt should also note that the AMCAS application is accepted.

Between 2006 and 2010, six University of Georgia students were accepted and entered VUMS. UGA is tied with University of North Carolina, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Brown University for 18th highest in number of undergraduate studentd who attend Vanderbilt medical school. The undergraduate programs with the highest number of students accepted to VUMS are Vanderbilt University undergraduate, Harvard, and University of Notre Dame. The University of Georgia’s post-graduate survey ranks Vanderbilt as one of the top attended graduate schools by former UGA students.For students who are accepted and attend Vanderbilt medical school, there are many opportunities including over 30 student organizations and a supportive staff. VUMS has a 5.2:1 faculty to student ratio, and students feel as if they are given the opportunity connect with and learn from experts in multiple disciplines.

Vanderbilt has two specialty disciplines in internal medicine and pediatrics.  Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital, which was ranked 23rd in the nation, offers students a great on campus resource to learn and gain experience. The Vanderbilt University Medical center on-campus trains over 900 house staff in 90 residency and fellowship programs. Additionally there are seven hospitals and clinics where students can gain experience in a variety of areas on the VUMS campus.

Beside excellent academics, Vanderbilt has a unique program to help medical students by providing resources to promote physical, social and spiritual wellness. Following a Harry Potter style, VUMS has developed four “houses” or colleges, each with an unique name, crest and personality. New students are assigned to a college where they receive student and faculty support in a “home-away-from-home” setting. Each college offers mentoring and student adviser for incoming students as well as social and community activities to get students involved beyond their studies.

As part of the student wellness program these colleges partake in a weekend competition known as the college cup. The colleges compete against each other in sports, trivia, cooking competitions and other activities that bring out a spirit of competition and unity among the colleges. For students in medical school who are often bogged down with a heavy workloads and little free time, this unique program at Vanderbilt is a huge attraction to incoming students. So if you are looking for that white coat and cowboy boots, a school with a Hogwarts influence or one of the top nationally ranked medical schools, Vanderbilt is a great place to start.