PreMed Magazine is an informative resource reporting on science facts, healthcare news, and pre-professional advice. Since its inception in 2013, the magazine has published 10 issues and garnered over 500 likes on Facebook and nearly 1000 regular online readers. Our magazine understands good health is not only the product of a good doctor, but of a good lifestyle, good comprehension of health-related medicine and science, and ultimately a good team of health care professionals.

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With this understanding in mind, the goal of premed magazine is to improve healthcare literacy as it pertains to all pre-professionals in healthcare.

We strive to be as inclusive as we can because we are both our own writers and audience when it comes to the topics. That means writing content pertaining to future physicians, future nurses, PAs, patients, and beyond. The diversity of our content reflects matters important to a community that cares about health as a whole.

With interviews from admissions’ board members from the likes of Emory University to Tufts Medical School, PreMed Magazine has served as a viable resource for students at the University of Georgia with ambitions in healthcare. While readership is primarily UGA students, publications are universally accessible.