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3 Things to Avoid When You’re Stressed

By: Paige Johnson When your daily life is stressful, it’s often easy to exacerbate stress, even when you don’t intend to. Things you may consider helpful can sometimes actually prove to be the opposite, and you end up wondering why you continue to feel unwell despite these efforts. If a person carries excess stress for too long, their overall well-being will begin to suffer. It is critical that you know how to reduce stress and find time to relax. Here are a few things you should avoid when you are already experiencing stress. Caffeine Feeds Anxiety It is extremely common for an overworked, stressed person to turn toward coffee for an energy boost. They may think that caffeine will make work easier and faster. Unfortunately, when you are stressed, caffeine will do more harm than good. Studies have shown that caffeine acts as a boost for anxiety which is often a side effect of stress. Though you may be more alert, you will also feel more tightly wound and distressed by your busy schedule. Rather …


Innovation Gridlock in Healthcare: Big Ideas and Big Data

By: Sona Rao When you think of innovation there are two words to keep in mind: big data. It is a buzz phrase that has sparked countless conversations in technology and has changed the way industries operate and perform. What is big data and why is it so powerful? In an increasingly digital environment, everything you experience is data-driven. Every click of your mouse is tracked by companies and used to improve online services by predicting what consumers want. For example, when online shopping giants like Amazon want to track all the products that every user has clicked on, all of those “clicks” are aggregated into a database and analyzed. That’s a lot of data. This is the essence of big data: huge amounts of information in all shapes and sizes being swallowed by companies at a great speed. And the process of using that data to improve performance and technology is called innovation. What happens when you apply the same concept to patient data? Organizations use digital information of previous and current patients to …

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The Shepherd Center: Atlanta’s Most Valuable Resource

By Emma Burke To the casual passerby, the campus of concrete buildings situated on Peachtree Road appears to be just another metropolitan health care complex. However, the miracles performed every day at this catastrophic-care hospital are unique. Each year the Shepherd Center rehabilitates thousands of patients with traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. Between inpatient, outpatient and day programs, the staff brings hope for a better life to people suffering from some of the most devastating ailments.

The New Age of Child Obesity

By Amanda Pham Back in the day, when our moms told us to go play outside, they literally meant stop eyeing the TV and go outside, play in the sandbox, swing on the swings or connect with the great outdoors. At dinner, she would always tells us to finish the vegetables on our plate before we could eat dessert or go play in the living room. Nowadays, when mom tells us to go outside, we interpret that as “let me take my phone outside and play on it.” As a result, we end up not getting the physical activity we need. Instead we tend to give most of our attention to our phone screens rather than enjoying our surroundings. For dinner, mom or dad would ask, “Could you bring me that take-out menu?,” foregoing a more traditional and healthy homemade meal. Times have changed, and we’re living in a more advanced world, but also a more unhealthy one.


Handy Health: The Benefits of Knitting

By Madison Hogan I started knitting my senior year of high school. It began merely as a curiosity — could I really make a nice hat or scarf on my own?  However, the hobby soon became much more than a simple pastime.  It was relaxing and enjoyable, and I could practically feel any tension that I had built up flow out of my body as I worked on a soft cowl or a cabled hat.  When I focused on my knitting, my project was the only thing that existed.  Time flew by as I concentrated solely on my needles, my mind wasn’t frantically jumping from one thought to another, and for once in my life, I wasn’t so tense!  Was that a normal response for other knitters, I wondered?  Was this a universal feeling among crafters as they created a finished product with their own hands?


Take a Hike: How Hiking Can Boost Your Physique, Mood, and Spirit

By Leah Ginn While on a strenuous hike in southern Kentucky near Cumberland Falls, one of my closest friends once said to me, “I think I believe why nature is so sacred; it is the only part of life that exists just as God intends for it to. It does exactly what it is supposed to do.” I pondered this statement as I continued walking down the forested path, and decided that this was true. I often wondered what drew me to the sport of hiking. I’ve never been the most athletic; exercising was at the bottom of my totem pole of priorities, and I was never the star player on any sports team. I knew that I didn’t enjoy hiking for the exercise it provided or for its athletic factor; however, the high that I felt after completing a tough hike made the difficult climb worth it. The first time I was invited to go hiking, I was highly skeptical of what would happen when my clumsiness met the obstacles in the woods. But after …

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Tortilla Reform of Medical Malpractice

By Jesse Hu Let me pose a hypothetical. Say you’re a mailman. You drive around in your mail buggy, and every day the mail makes it to the right place. One day, a letter slips into the wrong stack, and makes its way to the wrong person. Happens all the time right? No sweat. Well, for the sake of this hypothetical, you’re bathed in sweat, because now you’re fired. Oh, and your profession reputation is dragged through mud in a long, drawn  out lawsuit that costs you something like $50,000 when you’re already saddled with $100,000 worth of debt. Why does a mailman have that much debt? Well, this isn’t a perfect analogy. But, if you read between the lines of an analogy, this is a very true reality that doctors have to face.

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April Showers Bring Bugs Bites?

By Huriyah Malik Who would imagine that a tiny bug could transmit a life threatening disease? Recently, Canadian singer and songwriter Avril Lavigne was bitten by a tick and diagnosed with Lyme Disease – a dangerous bacterial infection. During her five month fight with the disease, Lavigne “felt like [she] couldn’t breathe,  couldn’t talk and couldn’t move. [She] thought [she] was dying.” The tick bite caused symptoms such as lightheadedness and lethargy. Lavigne stated that she could barely stand and felt like her life was being sucked out of her.