Pursuing a double major in Genetics and Statistics, Emma is part of the University of Georgia’s Class of 2018. In addition to being Editor in Chief, she is on the Executive Board for Inspire UGA, the Chapter Council for Alpha Gamma Delta, and volunteers with Lunchbox Garden and Piedmont Athens Regional. When she isn’t on campus, Emma can be found training for her first half marathon, spending time with her dog, or watching House of Cards. Emma hopes to one day serve in the U.S. Navy as a surgeon while conducting research on traumatic brain injuries to improve outcomes for soldiers and civilians alike.

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Grant is a second year student, pursuing majors in Biology, International Affairs and Biology. He is an Assistant Senior Editor at Georgia Political Review and a member of the Dean William Tate Society.  In his free time, Grant enjoys outdoor adventures, traveling, and hanging out with his friends. His goal is to become a surgeon.


Lily is a Microbiology student, and she has been interested in photography since high school. She loves taking candid shots of people and hopes her skills widen as she takes on her position for the PreMed Magazine. Other than being part of the PreMed Mag staff, she is part of the UGA Pre-Optometry Club and FIMRC. Upon graduating from UGA, she plans to attend optometry school and hopes to open up her own private practice





Mickey is a Biochemistry Major minoring in Vietnamese and pursuing Pre-Medical studies. Joining Pre-Med Magazine in his sophomore year, he has enjoyed his time as a content editor in the magazine and evolved his views on healthcare policy through the exchange of ideas and discussions with writers in the magazine. He is currently involved with the UGA Vietnamese Student Association, the Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Society, and the Biochemistry Undergraduate Society. His favorite things to do are karaoke, riding motorcycles, and working out at Ramsey. His goal is to be a pediatric cardiologist.



Hamzah is a Senior at UGA majoring in Biology. He enjoys being a writer for this publication because it allows him to express his passion for medicine to his peers and mentors. Hamzah is currently applying to medical schools and hopes to continue this hobby throughout his future career as a practicing physician.



Nikhil Gangasani is a fourth-year Nutritional Sciences major with Pre-Med intent. He has been writing for PreMed Magazine since the summer of 2015 and started a book column in Fall of 2016. You can catch him volunteering with the Northeast GA chapter of the American Red Cross and singing and beatboxing with his a capella group, UGA Kalakaar.







The human body has always fascinated me; it’s bewildering how the electrical circuitry in our brains enables us to experience such a rich consciousness. As an undergraduate senior at the University of Georgia, I look forward to graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a minor in philosophy which will equip me for the upcoming years I will spend studying medicine and the mind-body connection. I aspire to continue my education in holistic medicine before applying to medical school because I believe that medicine goes far beyond prescribing pharmaceuticals; we have the ability to directly influence our quality of life by making healthy lifestyle choices daily and by taking preventative measures. I dedicate myself to studying biology and medicine not only because it’s intriguing, but so that I may help others to experience the healthiest and most fulfilling lives that they can.



Annika Jonker is a member of the University of Georgia’s Class of 2018 pursuing degrees in Biology and Avian Biology with a minor in Art. She began writing for Pre Med Magazine in Fall 2016 and acts as both a writer and editor. In her free time, you can find Annika hiking, creating mixtapes, watching too much TV with her roommates and spending time with her friends. Annika aspires to attend medical school and become a pediatrician. She hopes to work for Doctors Without Borders to aid those in need around the world.


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Katie Luquire is a junior at UGA, majoring in Exercise and Sport Science. After receiving her undergraduate degree, Katie hopes to become a Physician’s Assistant in Orthopedics. In addition to writing for Premed Magazine, she is on the Executive Board for Exercise is Medicine, is an Ambassador for the Honors Program, and does research with the Muscle Physiology Lab. She also studied abroad in Taiwan this past summer.





I am currently a senior at the University of Georgia, dual majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with research thesis distinction. My passions beyond biochemical research include oil painting, art history, and writing. This magazine allows me to combine my interests in the sciences and arts into a harmonious, single outlet. Other than academia, I love to volunteer in the local community, whether it be at the soup kitchen, animal shelter, or Mercy Health Center. I plan on obtaining an M.D. and Masters in Clinical Research after graduation this year in the hopes of one day becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon and medical scientist. My life’s dream would be to contribute to and expand our current medical knowledge in the interest of helping as many people as possible!




Aliya is a sophomore at UGA studying Biology, with an area of emphasis in Neuroscience and a minor in Exercise and Sports Science.








Muhammad Siddiq is a member of University of Georgia’s Class of 2020. With a passion for both writing and medicine, he is majoring in English while on a pre-medical track in the hopes of becoming a physician. He loves that the Pre Med Magazine allows him to combine several of his interests. In his free time, Muhammad enjoys reading, playing golf, cheering on Atlanta sports teams and volunteering at his local mosque.

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Hallie is entering her third year at the University of Georgia as an honors student, UGA Majorette, Zeta Tau Alpha and Director of Recruitment and Development for University Judiciary. She is majoring in journalism, minoring in biology and hopes to go to medical school. As a PreMed Magazine writer, Hallie enjoys diving into topics that allow her to learn more about healthcare policy as it relates to students. Hallie loves baking, travelling, any adventure with friends and all things Disney. She is so excited to get to work with this wonderful organization once again.

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Bemsi is a junior at the University of Georgia, majoring in Psychology with a concentration in Neuroscience. She has found joy in writing ever since she was eight years old and hopes that the voice writing provides her can draw others’ attention to what truly matters in the world. Bemsi is a Thomas Lay Mentor, active member of the African Student Union, and a member of the Minority Science Students Association. She is working towards achieving her goal to be a pediatrician and author by the grace of God.






Fulbright scholar and distinguished professor, Dr. Leara Rhodes has worked with clients such as  Coca-Cola USA, The Fortune Group, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, and Creative Loafing.  At the University of Georgia, she is an Associate Professor teaching magazine writing and publishing, international communications, and a graduate proseminar.