Are You the Perfect Candidate for Face lifts? Here are Some Factors for You to Note

Are you unhappy because you look older than your actual years? You have tried all the anti-aging products and creams in the market; however, all your efforts to remove the signs of aging have gone futile! Thanks to the advancement of medical technology as well as cosmetic procedures, you can now visit a doctor and get a facelift done at an affordable price. There are credible and reputed clinics where facelift procedures are carried out regularly as well as safely.

Are you a suitable candidate for face lifts?

Doctors that conduct face lifts state that if you have decided to go through the procedure, you must visit a skilled and qualified surgeon to know whether you are a suitable candidate for a facelift. Doctors say that perfect candidate for a facelift is men and women that have mild to severe skin laxity on their face. They should be: –

  1. Between the age of 40 to 70 years
  2. Have sound health
  3. Should not smoke
  4. Have prominent jowls on their face
  5. Have loose, sagging, and wrinkled skin, especially on the neck. Doctors also refer this to be “The Turkey Neck.”

Doctors state that if you smoke regularly, you may be an eligible candidate for a facelift provided you stop using tobacco for a minimum period of 4 to 6 weeks before and after the surgery. If you smoke and wish to undergo a facelift, the chances of mild to severe complications increase at the time of the surgery. This affects the results and will prolong healing. In fact, some doctors say that a facelift is a good reason for both men and women to quit smoking if they have been trying to do the same for a long period. There have been studies and surveys that have revealed that people that have decided to undergo a facelift have been able to stop smoking permanently or, to a very large extent has helped them to reduce smoking.

What are the costs of a facelift?

The costs of a facelift depend upon the severity of your condition, so it varies from person to person. The goals and the needs of the person are also taken into account. There are cases where people might have to undergo additional procedures to get a complete facial rejuvenation giving them the results they desire. The other costs you need to keep in mind are the surgical center where you will have the facelift conducted, the post-surgery care, anesthesia, and other relevant costs. The time and complexity of the surgery will also influence the costs of the facelift.

Therefore, when you have decided to go in for facial rejuvenation or face lifts, make sure you are the perfect candidate for the same. Talk to experienced surgeons who have good credentials and esteem in the field. Understand the procedure and get in safely done to alleviate the signs of aging and be youthful again!

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