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Vasectomy is a safe birth-control procedure which men undergo to avoid having children with their spouse or partners. It involves qualified surgeons cutting the vas deferens tubes present in the scrotum. They do so by making small holes in the duct. This prevents the sperm from entering the semen during physical intimacy. As a consequence, they are incapable of impregnating their wives. However, they are able to ejaculate during intercourse and have orgasm.

Scalpel Free Vasectomy Sacramento – How does procedure differ from a traditional vasectomy?

During conventional vasectomy procedures, surgeons make small holes in the scrotum of their patients. The cuts enable them to reach both of the vas deferens tubes found in the testicles. They proceed to remove a tiny potion in each of the tubes. As a result, there is a gap at each end of the vas deferens tubes. The surgeons then sear the cuts and stitch them up. As each of the vas deferens tubes has a gap, the sperm cannot enter the semen. This makes the man sterile and unable to impregnate a woman.

Specialists in scalpel free vasectomy Sacramento explain in the scalpel-free procedure, surgeons do not make small cuts. The puncture a tiny hole into the skin, covering their patients’ scrotal sac using a hemostat. The hole in the skin slowly expands until the surgeons can see the vas deferens tubes. The patients do not need any stitches after the procedure, as the hole the surgeons make is very small. This makes the recovery time of the scalpel-free vasectomy procedure mush lesser than conventional ones. In fact, the procedure is over within 45 minutes in the clinic.

When should men consider before taking this procedure?

The surgeons further state men who want to undergo a scalpel-free vasectomy procedure consider the following factors:

  • They are absolutely sure about not having children,
  • They have discussed the issue with their spouse before making the decision,
  • Consult a qualified surgeon with the necessary experience to give more insight into the procedure, and
  • Note that it is difficult to reverse the results of a scalpel-free vasectomy procedure.

Benefits of undergoing no-scalpel vasectomy for men

Surgeons point out the following advantages of undergoing this birth-control procedure for men are as follows:

  • It is effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies,
  • The procedure does not have any long-term complications or side-effects,
  • It does not affect any of their hormones and sex drive,
  • The recovery period of the scalpel-free procedure is shorter than conventional vasectomy operations,
  • They hardly experience any bleeding or bruising thorough the procedure, unlike traditional vasectomy, and
  • It is the safest sterilization procedure for them.

Specialists in scalpel free vasectomy Sacramento conclude by saying this procedure is a boon for those men who have no intention of having children. It is the safest form of sterilization for them and does affect their sex drive. By undergoing a scalpel-free vasectomy procedure, they are able to prevent unwanted pregnancies with their spouse. Moreover, it does not have any serious long-term complications, unlike other birth-control operations for men. The procedure even has a short recovery period so they can return to normal activities within a few days.

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