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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Genetic Testing

Genetic testing can be beneficial for many reasons and helps to determine a couple‚Äôs viability for a healthy child. It can aid in determining the cause of frequent miscarriages or previously unsuccessful IVF cycles. It can also be used to know if the parents are carriers of a chromosomal disorder, eg, Down Syndrome. Genetic testing […]

What Can You Do When It Comes To Breast Cancer

The outlook for women with breast cancer is constantly improving. Paying attention to some cancer symptoms and if you are in a group of women with higher risks of this disease, early diagnosis can prevent some serious operations, but if it comes to them, there are a few options for better results. Some breast cancer […]

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What to Expect After Breast Cancer Surgery

The very confirmation of having breast cancer can have a devastating effect on the individual. It is a well known fact that breast cancer is a life threatening disease. While some are fortunate enough to survive after undergoing and being under prolonged treatment, there are a good number of families who have lost their near […]