Zinc: A New Found Remedy For Colds?

A study conducted that was entirely focused on random controlled trials made some breaking revelations about the outcomes of the use of zinc. This included people who were above the age of 30 and were prone to having respiratory infections. All of them were examined throughout their use of zinc either through medication or other forms. 

According to the experts of Al Noor Hospital, zinc is most of the time the main ingredient in anti-allergy medications. So, when the research was being conducted, it was made sure that the intervention of the other medication is not mixed up with all other ones. 

The analysis when generated gave a lot of different reviews and outcomes. These revealed that the use of oral and nasal zinc did have a positive impact and prevented people from any kind of respiratory infection. It was observed that people who used zinc had their infections get better in a matter of 2 to 3 days which is way earlier than those who didn’t consume zinc for the treatment. As far as the severity of the symptoms is concerned, it was noticed that the symptoms toned down just in 3 days of them showing up. 

With all these positive outcomes, it was also noticed that there were adverse effects also observed that included severe nausea and gastrointestinal issues. 

What basically is zinc?

It is a nutrient that plays a major role in the human body. It is not naturally present in the body and can be obtained through supplements and other food sources. The zinc can never get stored in the body and for that matter, you need to take constant intake of the nutrient to make the major body function work properly. For the overall immunity building and cell nourishing zinc is very essential to be taken on a daily basis. 

Zinc is supposed to reduce the proteins in your body that can make the body get inflammation by diseases. The lack of zinc that is required if not properly taken can make you suffer from lung diseases, heart disease and even decline your mental health badly. 

The zinc lozenges are seen to work great in treating the colds that are seasonal. Although there is no specific result seen when it comes to Covid-19 treatment or the dengue. However, when it comes to boosting the immunity in both cases it is the first supplement that is taken for treatment. 

How Does Zinc Work in Treating Colds 

Zinc works better for the treatment of colds and flu when it is taken in the form of lozenges that contain zinc acetate and gluconate. This works by reducing the duration of the cold and makes a difference from those who don’t consume it. 

It is to be noted that when it is taken in the form of a nasal spray it doesn’t give the same result as a lozenge. The reason behind this is yet to be found. People always start to limit their dosage or stop the use completely because of the two major side effects that come with it, which are nausea and bad taste of the mouth that you feel after the consumption.  It has also been noticed that the consumption of zinc in adults doesn’t cause any improvement when taken through the mouth. But for children and adolescents, the case is different, zinc does help a lot in the prevention of colds and flu. 

The main source of zinc that you can consume through your diet or the food you consume is by eating seafood especially oysters. Crabs are also very rich to make your zinc levels increase. Whole grains, cereals, and many dairy products are used to lead to the levels of zinc that the body requires. 

Final Remarks

Zinc is a very important component when it comes to the functioning of the body. It does help a lot in the proper activity of different organs but it too has to be taken from the mouth or through nasal tracks to make it a part of your daily routine as it can ever b produced on its own. It should be made sure that the inc levels should always be near to what they are needed to be.

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