Find Eye Care Near Me Clinics Online – Protecting Your Eyes While Swimming

If you are a regular swimmer, you might suffer from a common syndrome known as the “swimmer’s eye.”  This syndrome causes redness, itchiness, and burning in the eye after every session in the pool. Experts in eye care state that swimming is an excellent form of exercise for the human body; however, it can be very hard for your eyes. Therefore, you should always go in for regular eye tests with a good doctor to protect vision and health.

Find eye care near me clinics for eye care examinations and advice

In order to protect your eyes while you are in the swimming pool, you must visit a good eye care doctor to check the health of your vision. You will find eye care near me clinics online to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor for a check-up. If you are a regular swimmer, you should protect your eyes from the harsh waters of the pool. When you enter the pool without a good pair of swimming goggles, there is a thin tear layer known as the tear film that coats your eyes. This layer has the function of keeping your eyes clear, smooth, and moist. However, chemicals and the chlorine present in the water of the pool washes away this moist layer making the eyes red and uncomfortable.

Dry eye condition after swimming in the pool 

Regular swimmers also suffer from dry eyes. This is a condition where the eyes do not produce sufficient tears or the appropriate quality of tears. This condition feels like their eyes have dirt, and the vision becomes blurred. In case the tear film does not function properly, the eyes are exposed to chemicals and bacteria present in the water. The chlorine in the water causes an adverse reaction, and the edge and surface of your eye become red, watery, and very itchy. You feel uncomfortable, and the eye might progress into an eye infection like conjunctivitis where the color of the eye becomes pink.

Never swim with contact lenses in the pool

When you are swimming in the pool, remove your contact lenses. Swimming with contact lenses places you at risk of corneal infection. Bacteria will begin to grow on the lenses even after a single swim. Contact lenses are kept in your eyes for a long time, and your eyes are always exposed to parasites, fungi, chemicals, and bacteria. This leads to painful infections, corneal damage, and can even result in the loss of eye vision if you are not careful.

If you need to swim, make sure you invest in a good pair of prescription swimming goggles to help keep your eyes clear and healthy in the swimming pool. Make sure you find good eye care near me clinic online for getting your prescription goggles for swimming.  In this way, you effectively are able to keep your eyes healthy and clear in the pool. You can also prevent loss of vision and irritability, redness, and itchiness in the eye as well.

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