Points to consider about pituitary surgery

The pituitary gland is about the size of a pie and it is an important structure of the master gland.  It is responsible for secretion of hormones on to the blood stream. These hormones are chemical avengers that dictate the glands to release their own hormones.

As far as a tumour is concern it does involve being a group of abnormal cells. Some will secrete hormones and a majority of them you will not find outside the skull. They are restricted to this gland or the surrounding tissues of the brain. This is a tumour that grows slow, and the chances of cancer are on the rarer side. The benign tumours will not spread to other parts of the body, which would mean that there is no chance of any secondary tumour forming as well. You would divide the pituitary gland into a couple of parts.

The major type of pituitary tumour appears to be the non-functioning tumour. They tend to grow to an oversized size. It would reach a situation where they lift and stretch the optic nerves. This is the point where both the nerves of the eyes cross before they are going to travel to the brain. In addition it does include the cranial nerves. These tumours tend to grow as large in size as it would not indicate their presence when excess levels of hormones are being found. You will only discover more about them when you will find the symptoms of compression.  When the tumours are non-functioning it would go on to interfere with the normal functions of the pituitary gland.

The functioning tumours are those which do go on to produce excess amount of specific hormones. Each of them does produce their own set of symptoms. It derives its name from the hormones it emerges. The common symptoms are hair loss, fatigue, shortness of breath etc.

The major cause of treatment would be surgery. It does appear to be the primary cause of treatment and it would go on to remove the pituitary gland. How effective the surgery would be depends upon the location, type and size of the tumour. You should also consider whether it has gone on to spread over to the surrounding tissues or not. You can expect rest of the normal glands to be damaged during the course of the procedure. One can go on to adopt medications or use pills.

Another cause of treatment would be radiation. It goes on to remove the tumour cells with the aid of radiation. It is going to emerge  when the symptoms do return after a surgery. You are not going to obtain any relief with the aid of medications as well. you can use it if surgery is not an option as well.

The cost of pituitary tumour treatment in India is figured out to be one of the lowest in the world. In addition you are going to avail the services of quality surgeons who do go on to perform  a great job.

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