What Can You Do When It Comes To Breast Cancer

The outlook for women with breast cancer is constantly improving. Paying attention to some cancer symptoms and if you are in a group of women with higher risks of this disease, early diagnosis can prevent some serious operations, but if it comes to them, there are a few options for better results.

Some breast cancer symptoms

Some women have symptoms while others can find out that they have breast cancer after some of the breast diagnostic procedures. For those women who have symptoms, that can be non-painful lumps or masses, swelling under the arms, changes in nipple skin, discharge from the nipple, changes in the sensation, size and shape of the breast.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a technology that uses radio waves and magnets to create 3D images of the breast tissue. For better detection of the breast tissue, the doctor may inject, through the intravenous line, the contrast solution that will concentrate more on areas of cancer growth.

There are a few ways for breast cancer diagnosis

Ultrasound is one more option for this kind of diagnosis. With this procedure, fluid-filled cysts can be found. It is a quick procedure and is recommended for people who are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer.


  • Surgery

When breast cancer is diagnosed, one of the first steps will be surgery. The breast cancer surgery Sydney  can do breast-conserving surgery that will remove just the cancer tissue and some tissue around it, while mastectomy surgery will remove the entire breast and sometimes nearby tissue. There are different types of mastectomy, depending on the stage of your cancer tissue.

After the surgery, many women are undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. This will kill cancer cells if they are located anywhere in the body.

  • Breast reconstruction

This surgical procedure can shape your breast after or during the mastectomy. With the implant or the tissue from another part of your body, the surgeon will create the shape of your breast, which will look similar as possible to your other breast. Sometimes, this is done with both breasts.

  • Breast lift procedure

Alongside the breast reconstruction procedure, the doctor can do a breast lift procedure. This procedure will lift your breasts, giving them more volume, symmetry, and a younger look. Also, if you don’t have any serious conditions, but you will like to lift your breast, the effective treatment in breast lift at Breast & Body Clinic can be a great solution for you.

A breast lift can give your breast a beautiful look


After breast cancer surgery, the whole experience is quite overwhelmed. Friend and family can be an important part of support and assistance during this period because chemotherapy usually causes some side effects which can be very hard for many women.

Final word

While the treatment and recovery can be exhausted, the doctors are giving their best to make this period easier and with better results. That is achieved with constant improvements in the technology and knowledge of the doctors.

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