Don’t Let Pain Stop You From Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Our feet do a lot for us- they bear our body weight as we walk and run, they balance out our body and aid in maintaining a good posture. We don’t realise the importance of our feet until we experience pain in our feet. Foot pain may range from a mild to severe pain sensation in different parts of the feet. Depending on the severity of pain, the person may have a mild to moderate discomfort while standing and walking or even be completely bedridden. If you suffer from foot pain, it is best to get it diagnosed and treated.

Here is a step by step guide to manage foot pain:

Get a proper diagnosis

Foot pain may arise because of several reasons, including injury and inflammation. It is important to know the root cause of your foot pain so that you can tackle it properly. Getting treated without correct diagnosis will not really solve your problem. Sometimes, pain in feet may simply be because of weight gain while in other instances, the reason for foot pain may be a physical impact. Plantar fasciitis is the pain that happens because of inflammation of the tissue at the foot arch. In contrast, heel spurs refer to the formation of an extra structure on the bone of the heel. Arthritis and spondylitis are some other causes of pain in the feet. All these conditions are very different from one another and have different treatment strategies.

Follow complete treatment strategy

Once you know the exact cause of pain in your feet, follow all instructions of the doctor. Don’t skip medicines or neglect cautions. Complete treatment is as important as it is to get a correct diagnosis. Don’t miss physiotherapy sessions if prescribed. Any laxity in treatment may result in recurring pain in your feet. It is better to get rid of foot pain completely than to have recurrent episodes of discomfort.

Invest in good quality footwear

High heels and strappy sandals look gorgeous but they do a lot of harm to your feet. It is prudent to invest in good quality footwear that gives a comfortable support to your sole. In the long run, it is better to spend on good footwear than on pain-relieving medication. If you have flat feet or very arched feet, you should buy footwear that is suited for your foot structure.

Maintain an active lifestyle

An active lifestyle keeps many medical conditions at bay. If you have a sedentary job, make sure that you take a stretching break every half an hour. Using your muscles regularly will keep them in a prim and proper shape. An active lifestyle will also be helpful in managing weight issues.

While specific conditions like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs necessitate focussed medical intervention like injecting painkillers and even surgery, foot pain can generally be managed under the supervision of a health practitioner. Avoiding physical activities that precipitate foot pain is a great way to manage the condition. Sometimes, alternative medicine like naturopathy, shock wave therapy and physical therapy are extremely beneficial in alleviating foot pain.

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