Nutritional Facts about White Kidney Bean Extract

You have never come by a better herb than kidney bean in terms of nutritional value and health benefits. This herb is a staple food and is consumed globally. It is native to Mexico and Central America but has spread in popularity to several other parts of the world. In fact, the health benefits are limitless. The white kidney bean extract reviews provided in this write-up will educate you about this product so that you can understand what you stand to benefit from using this herb.

The nutritional compositions of white kidney bean extract

White kidney bean extract is rich in several nutrients. It is one of the best foods to add to your daily diet if you must consume balanced diet at a highly affordable rate. It is composed mainly of fiber and carbs, both of which have unique benefits to the body.  Aside from those nutrients, the herb is equally rich in numerous proteins.  Its high protein content makes one of the best sources of protein for vegetarians and all those seeking for protein from plant sources.  Check below for a summary of all the nutrients present in white kidney bean extract. The summary can equally give you an idea of how many carbs in kidney beans.

  • 67% of water
  • 127 calories
  • 7 g of protein
  • 3 g of sugar
  • 8 g of carbs
  • 4g of fiber
  • 5 g of fat
  • 07 g of saturated fat
  • 04 g of monosaturated fat
  • 28 g of polysaturated fat
  • 17 g of omega-3
  • 11 g of omega-6
  • Trans fat

From the summary above, it is certain that adding white kidney bean extract to your diet on a daily basis can benefit your health exceedingly.  You can get all the benefits described above from just one cup of boiled kidney beans, which is about 177 g.  It will give you about 15 grams of protein, which can generate about 27% of all the calories obtainable from this herb.

The white kidney bean extract reviews show that you can rely solely on plants for balanced diet. Studies show that proteins present in plants are not as rich as those present in animals. Be that as it may, they can still provide adequate protein required by the body for its normal functioning.  Many individuals in developing country may not be able to access animal protein, but they can still get adequate protein supply from plant sources like white kidney bean extract.

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